Located in Cuyahoga falls ohio.

On a sweltering morning in August of 2009, a U haul truck left the US Marine base in Quantico, Virginia – The Crossroads of the Corps.

With a lump in my throat and mixed emotions, I headed north to FBM Baking, in Cranbury, New Jersey – the sole distributor of European artisan bakery equipment on the east coast of the US.

I was leaving the only life I had ever known or wanted, to embark on a journey filled with uncertainty, excitement, loss and joy – for a dream that had begun thirty five years earlier as I walked with my grandfather to a local bakery in Leverkusen, Burrig, Germany.

The plan was, to pick up an antique pine pastry case, a French made Retarder/Proofer, and a monstrous Alsacean bread oven – and arrive later the following day at what was then a small family diner called The Golden Goose.

With the help of Marines from a local recruiting station, each 1000 pound oven was laboriously lifted through the front window of the building thereby firmly planting the seeds of The Blue Door on the nondescript hill overlooking a busy corner of Broad Blvd and State Road in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio.

Semper Fidelis …






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by Heidi Rolf