French Quarter Shrimp & Grits

French Quarter Shrimp & Grits

Thank you for choosing to dine at The Blue Door Cafe!

We have adopted an electronic / App based wait list system which will be active on weekends only. It is called No Wait and the App is available via the App Store or alternatively you can get it through this website!

Putting your name on The Blue Door Wait List does not constitute a reservation.

Just like the “Wait List” of old, this system is still just a “Wait List” - but now you do not have to physically be at the restaurant to put your name on it!

Please keep in mind that this system will not allow you to call ahead at 0800 and put your name on the list for an expected arrival at 1300. Additionally, if you happen to miss your text paging for some reason, we cannot possibly wait on you and your place in line will be skipped. We will however of course do our best to still seat you as expeditiously as possible!

To summarize, the “No Wait” system will allow our customers the following:

  • The ability to put their name on our wait list (if there is a wait) - before arrival at The Blue Door

  • To receive a text with an estimate of projected wait time as well as the ability to view “place in line”

  • To receive a recommended time to arrive at The Blue Door

If it is a weekend and if there is a “wait”, to get on the wait list - please just click on the button below and follow the instructions provided.

We are constantly striving to improve everything we do here at The Blue Door and sincerely hope this system will contribute to making your experience at our establishment even more enjoyable!