When The Blue Door opened, we were not nearly as knowledgeable or adamant about ingredients as we are today.

Although we wanted to make good food, we really had not thought long or hard about what this meant. But then, one day, a customer urged us to watch the movie “Food Inc”.  And while some of the film might have been sensationalized, the message nonetheless resonated deeply.

So, what then, is “good food”?

Well, first off, to be labeled as good – we believe that food should not contain any hydrogenated oils or other chemicals. Flours should, at a minimum be unbleached and unbromated, and where possible, they should be organic and stone ground. Cream should contain one ingredient – cream. Half and half should contain milk and cream. Oils like “qualifry” or longlifefry are a non starter. Safflower, grape, and olive oils might be expensive but using them is “the right thing to do”.

Food should also be locally grown – but honestly, do we really care if we support a small farmer in Washington State or here in Ohio? We believe a more important question is whether or not the person who we purchase from is trying to do the right thing for the environment and animals? And this is – use a minimum of pesticides (preferably none at all), produce organic vegetables, raise animals humanely and kindly and not mass produce, and feed livestock grass and healthy grains – without hormones and antibiotics.

Good food brings people together. It is one of the greatest pleasures of life.