2017 Christmas Bakery

The following special bakery will be available this Christmas …


  • Cranberry Butterscotch Pumpkin Pie  20

pumpkin, johnny walker butterscotch caramel, fresh cranberry compote, vanilla bean sucree crust.


  • Chocolate Apricot Babka  15

Babka, in both Polish and Yiddish is a diminutive of baba – meaning old woman or grandmother.  I first heard of this unique bread while watching a Seinfeld episode and given this pastry’s interesting ingredients and history, I decided that it might be an appropriate treat for our bakery.

Our Babka begins with a traditional pound cake (equal ratios of butter, flour, eggs and sugar) – made here in our bakery.  This pound cake is then mixed with organic apricot and melted butter to make a delicious filling.

Two pieces of Babka dough (a special brioche bread made from eggs, butter, milk, honey, vanilla bean and lemon zest) are rolled paper thin, “schmeared” with the pound cake/apricot mixture and 72% Valrhona chocolate and then braided!  The loaves are sprinkled with a Valrhona chocolate crumble, allowed to rise for two hours and then baked long and slow.

Babka is a delicious yeast coffee cake that should be sliced thinly and enjoyed plain or toasted.  Please store in a cool place, tightly wrapped in plastic!

Ingredients:  AP Flour, cake flour, butter, eggs, cane sugar, milk, honey, yeast, salt, lemon zest, vanilla bean, organic apricots, Valrhona cocoa, Valrhona chocolate.  .      

  • Dresdener Christstollen  25

Christstollen has been a tradition in my family since I was a child.   The recipe we use was created by three renowned European bakers and incorporates marzipan in several capacities.  First, marzipan is worked into the actual dough itself and therefore contributes greatly to the flavor of this stollen.  Second each 1000g loaf encases a 50g marzipan center, providing a deliciously moist surprise!

Because of the richness of the ingredients, our stollen is baked long and slow and although this deviates slightly from the “traditional”, we have chosen to add Michigan cherries to our recipe.  We use European style butter, non RBst whole milk, French marzipan, raw Ohio honey and kosher salt.

Please dust your stollen with powdered sugar and slice thinly with a serrated bread knife to serve.  Stollen can be toasted and also reheated (by the slice) in a microwave if you desire and will last (wrapped tightly in plastic and stored in a cool place) for easily three weeks!

Ingredients:  Flour, butter, milk, marzipan, honey, yeast, salt, lemon zest, vanilla bean, organic raisins, Zante currants, candied orange and lemon zest, Michigan cherries, sliced almonds, rum.      


  • Brioche  6
  • Sourdough  7 
  • Traditional Pastry


  • Orders must be placed NLT 2 pm, 20 December 2017


  • All bakery will be available for pick up 24 December 2017